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A world of possibilities to create your own online environment


Here you can find an example center


Your place to debate

You can create a forum in your course for the purpose you wish. Those tools can be in a course level (for example for general doubts or presentation of the students), or at learning unit level (for activities that could be related to a specific topic)

Boards and communities

Once you create a course, automatically a new community is created. You are the manager of that community, you can send messages but also your students can reply. Finally also students can create their own if they need to organise or collaborate. This is the learning community of your course

Do not miss anything

If a student do not enter to the course and he/she misses something, in 2 days, Edueca sends a reminder of new messages. We do not want to irritate students with too many mails, so notifications are grouped in one single mail, and if the student visits Edueca frequently and he/she is up to date, few notifications will be send.

Design your questionnaires

You can build your questionnaires and configure as you need: single-answers, multiple-choice answers, open questions, with images... You will be able to monitor the reply of your learners and download results.

Decide how they should work

You can configure your questionnaires to provide several opportunities, self-assessed, and with capacity to provide feedback to the learner.

Blocking questionnaires

Also you can configure learning units to be blocked till student pass an evaluation


You can organise webinars; automatically, you webinar will be recored, you can download it or upload as a video to any of your learning units. The webinars accept up to 100 viewers.


Edueca accept videos inside your lessons, you can provide your own link (from vimeo or youtube) or if you wish, you can upload your video to Edueca, up to High Definition

Webinars for deaf

We can provide simultaneous transcription for your webinars. Now deaf students will be also capable to attend your webinars.

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